We have another successful transfer

March 16, 2021

We have another baby coming soon!
With the help of you “PA” this would not be possible.
You are an amazing individual and we are truly proud of you and the act of kindness that you have showed for others!
We send you nothing but Sticky Thoughts 💭 and Relaxing!

Surrogates Needed To Start Now! ❤️
We have many amazing “Intended Parents” who need help from an amazing Surrogate to carry their baby for them.
Our amazing Surrogates:
✅ Earn up to $60,000!
✅ Get paid with direct deposit every month!
✅ Get incredible support from us 24/7!
✅ Are fully covered for travel expenses!
Wondering about the requirements? Our Surrogates:
☑️ Can have their tubes tied
☑️ Must have given birth at least once before
☑️ Must be willing to not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs during the surrogacy
To sign up now 🙋🏽‍ click here ‍>>
By choosing to join Babytree 🌳 Surrogacy, we hope to make your journey seamlessly smooth and make you feel like part of our ever growing Family.



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