We understand that choosing an agency and finding your perfect match can feel like an expensive risk.

We feel strongly that it shouldn’t be scary or risky just to dip your toe in the water of the search! We do not accept an agency fees until you have met your match and decided to move forward together. There’s nothing to lose! Set up your free consultation and take the first step towards parenthood today.

We believe in transparency. Learn about potential costs involved with your surrogacy journey.

Babytree Surrogacy is proud to offer a 20% discount to active duty military members.

Agency Fee

Agency fee, 1st installment (due upon match acceptance) — $20,000

Agency fee, 2nd installment (due upon surrogate contract signature) — $20,000
Surrogate rematch fee (may apply under certain circumstances) — Free 
International surcharge — Free

Surrogate Fee

Surrogate fee (add $10,000 per additional fetus) — $50,000

Surrogate expense allowance ($300 per month, est. 12 months) — ~$3,600
Housekeeping allowance ($200 per week, est. 12 weeks) — ~$2,400
Maternity clothing allowance ($1,000 for multiples pregnancy) — ~$800
Group support meeting allowance ($100 per month, est. 12 months) — ~$1200
Embryo transfer fee — $500
Additional procedure fees (e.g. transfer fee, in utero prenatal testing) — ~$2,000
Childcare/lost wages/maternity leave (negotiated, based on actual cost) — ~$ actual costs

Screening And IVF Costs

Mental health screening and background check for surrogate and surrogate’s partner — ~$1,500

Background checks on intended parents — ~$250
Medical screening, IVF fees, medication costs — ~$25,000 to $35,000
Donor egg acquisition (if applicable) ~$20,000 to $30,000

Attorneys/Escrow Fees

Surrogacy contract/pre-birth order filing — $6,500

Surrogate’s independent attorney — ~$2,000
Escrow account fee — $1,500

Health Insurance/Healthcare Fees For The Surrogate

individual plan, Affordable Care Act (ACA) — ~$12,000

fee-for-service cash pay — ~$26,000 to $50,000

Life Insurance Fees

Life insurance for surrogate — $350 to $1,000

Travel Costs

Airfare/train/bus/car — vary

Hotels — vary
Taxis/rental car/parking — vary

Restriction Of Activities/Lost Wages

Lost wages (for long distance travel to IVF clinic, bed rest) — vary

Childcare (may not be necessary or may be capped) — vary

International Newborn Health Insurance

Newborn cash pay fee-for-service (no upper limit) — ~$3,000 to $12,000