What month and year was your surrogate baby born?

November 1, 2018

What originally inspired you to look into surrogacy?

I had some friends that couldn’t have a baby and I wanted to help. But then they split up and had kids with other people. So I still wanted to help a couple make a family.

What was your favorite or most memorable moment during this whole process?

 Being able to meet the parents and see them with the babies. And spending time with all of them. 

What was the most unexpected part of this process?

I had to have the c section for the twins.  

How was the matching process? 

It was so easy and great.

How is the screening process? Does anything hurt?

It was great to meet the nurses and dr. Nothing hurt they told us each step. 

How was meeting your intended parents?

I loved meeting my intended parents. 

How do you handle all medication, especially shots?

 It was easy for me. I set my self up to know what to expect ahead of time. 

How was embryo transfer? Were the intended parents able to attend? Tell us about that experience.

The embryo transfer was easy. Relaxing. The parents weren’t able to make it. 

What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to more pictures of the twins. And being able to help another family.

How was the pregnancy and how involved were the intended parents during the pregnancy?  

How did you talk to other people about the process, like your friends and family? Even Strangers? 

I explained to them that it is so nice and easy. Not once had an issue being able to help make a family is the true blessing. 

How did you talk to your kids about surrogacy before, during and after the birth? 

 I sit them down explain to them that I am holding a baby for someone who couldn’t. And we and giving them a blessing of a baby. 

How was your delivery and post-pregnancy?

Delivery was by c section. I recovered quickly and I had my family their to help me when I needed it 

What were your feelings when you saw the intended parent(s) hold their baby for the first time?  

 I was so happy to see how big their smiles got.

What was one thing you wished you would have had in your hospital bag that you forgot?  


What is your relationship and contact with the intended parents now?

 I still reach out to them and we talk and send pictures all the time. 

What did your kid(s) and/or partner say when meeting the baby?

They were in love and happy to meet everyone.

Why did you choose to work with an agency, particularly Babytree Surrogacy?

 It is better to go with an agency and one that is local is a better choice for it is nice to have someone with you every step of the way. 

What kind of intended parents you’d want to work with?


How would you use your surrogacy compensation?

Buy me a house.

What words of wisdom would you share with other/newer gestational carriers?

 Always have an open mind and an open heart. 

If you decided to be a gestational carrier again, what would be the reason?

To help a couple feel the joy I feel every day. 

Anything else you want to add about your experience?

Very happe experience