Why do international couples choose the United States for surrogacy?

1. The United States is widely considered the ideal location for surrogacy, Surrogacy friendly states within the US have clearly defined laws allowing an easy process for ensuring parental rights.

2. State-of-art biomedical technologies, high-quality healthcare practice and rich medical resources help ensure for high success rate of transfer and a safe and healthy pregnancy.

3. Surrogacy agencies that are highly experienced in and qualified for handling a wide variety of cases.

We can meet with you via Skype or phone as often as you wish to talk through the process and reassure you. Even if we don’t speak the same language, we will find a translator to put you at ease!

We’re local to your surrogate

What if something unexpected happens with your gestational surrogate? who will be there? Babytree Surrogacy is the ideal solution. We’re local and can step in to assist should your surrogate require any help. We can accompany her to doctor’s visits or simply drop by with a simple gift to say hello on behalf of you.


With travel comes logistics and other concerns. Allow us to help with that. We can recommend hotels, long-term stay rentals, dining, day-trips and even arrange nursery furniture and equipment rental for the time you are awaiting your baby’s passport.